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sexual harassment

Ever heard of that from your surroundings? Don’t just stay silent, because that sentence reflects a form of sexual harassment.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment or sexual harassment slot gacor is any behavior both verbal and physical that refers to unwanted sexual behavior and is carried out explicitly or implicitly so that someone feels offended, humiliated and even intimidated in their environment.

Forms of behavior that are categorized as sexual harassment can be very broad, be it physical, verbal or visual. Physically abusive behavior can range from touching someone’s clothes or body to assaulting (touching without consent and not wanting). Verbally someone can commit acts of sexual harassment by making comments about someone’s appearance, talking about sex that is offensive, spreading rumors about someone’s private life or sexist statements that disparage one’s gender. Visual harassment such as staring and observing someone’s body from top to bottom or sending unwanted sex-based photos/videos.

After receiving treatment against his consent, what was the impact on the victim?

The impact of this harassment victim is very diverse, it can be psychological, somatic and related to the environment in which the victim experiences the harassment. Psychological effects include feelings of depression, guilt, anger, fear, powerlessness to low self-esteem so that the victim isolates himself. The estimated percentage of emotional distress due to this abusive behavior is as high as 90% according to Harvard Rev Psychiatry. Somatic complaints that often appear in abuse victims include sleep disturbances, nightmares, decreased appetite, gastrointestinal disorders, and weight loss. These impacts certainly disrupt the victim’s daily activities and can reduce the victim’s performance.

So what if we become victims of sexual harassment?

When you realize you are a victim of sexual harassment, there are several things you can do. First, don’t beat yourself up. Remember, the action you got was completely not your fault and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Second, say no emphatically. When you feel uncomfortable getting treatment that leads to sexual harassment, don’t just ignore it and express it right away. Third, keep all the evidence of abuse done to you in detail. Finally, tell the person who can help you solve this problem. Cases of sexual harassment are often not thoroughly investigated because victims tend to remain silent, because of that you can tell those closest to you who you trust, such as friends, relatives, parents. Even now, there are certain agencies that can help deal with cases of sexual harassment.

Everyone has a different level of resilience in dealing with cases of sexual harassment. When we become trusted people to know that people in our environment experience sexual harassment, what can we do? Instill in us that victims of sexual harassment should not be ostracized. Next, create a supportive atmosphere, show empathy and care. Show that the victim is not going through this alone, that way the victim doesn’t shut down even more. Then we can help victims to resolve this problem by reporting incidents of sexual harassment to related parties.

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