How Houseplants Can Boost Productivity in the Workplace


Plants add greenery and vitality to a space, making a room look complete, lived in, and put together. Office planners have known for decades that decorating a space with plants increases productivity. Interior designers know that indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, making it easy to find a plant with the right look to create the right feel for a space. Featuring houseplants in an area is a good design choice and can also boost creativity. Whether you want to transform your office into a productive hub or turn your craft room into an inspiring center, plants are the way to do it.

Go Green

Workspaces, particularly offices, tend to be bland, beige spaces. Blank walls, utilitarian furniture, and dull colors leave people feeling uninspired. Plants introduce color and soften the edges, creating a more natural-feeling environment. The boldly patterned leaves of syngonium plants, the stately foliage of snake plants, or the lovely blooms of peace lilies create visual interest and provide contrast against boring office furniture and filing cabinets.

Create a Welcoming Space

Indoor plants create a welcoming, inviting vibe that can put you at ease. This laid-back atmosphere is relaxing and conducive to creativity. Research has found that people completing stressful tasks in a room with plants feel more attentive and have lower blood pressure and pulse rates than when completing the same tasks in a space without indoor plants. Displaying indoor plants in a workspace sets a relaxing tone that makes it easier to focus on work and take care of business. 

Clean the Air

As we breathe in oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite and turn carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. What’s more, plants are natural air filters and cleanse the air.  Research from NASA has found that indoor plants can filter harmful chemicals, like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), from the air. Surrounding yourself with plants can reduce indoor air pollution, helping you breathe easily while giving you peace of mind.

Peace and Quite

Whether in a traditional office or at home, work environments can be noisy. Conversations from coworkers or family members, nearby construction, or even the gentle hum of computers and other electronics can be distracting, especially if you are trying to concentrate. Plants absorb and diffuse noise. Hard surfaces like desks and filing cabinets can cause sound waves to bounce around a space, but soft surfaces stop sound waves. Houseplants will not eliminate noise but can reduce echoes and minimize disruptive sounds.

Choose the Right Plant for Your Space

Indoor plants require care, but selecting easy-care houseplants provides the benefits of greenery without a big commitment. Snake plants are a good choice for inexperienced plant owners or those looking for a minimal undertaking. Pothos, spider plants, and ZZ plants are other easy-care plants that can boost your creativity without requiring much attention. Choose plants that will thrive in your space based on the available light and humidity levels. You can always make a room more hospital to indoor plants by using grow lights or humidifiers, but keep it simple with low-maintenance plants.