How to recover from edibles?

How to recover from edibles


How to recover from edibles? Edibles have quickly become one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis. Convenient and discreet, edibles provide longer-acting highs than smoking or vaping – however they may be difficult to dose properly and lead to uncomfortable or overwhelming experiences if taken unknowingly. Knowing how to recover from edibles will allow for a smooth experience when taking them again in future.

Here are some steps you can take to recover from edibles:

Don’t Panic

When feeling overly high from edibles, the key thing to keep in mind is not panicking. While this experience may be scary, staying calm is essential and reminding yourself it will pass soon enough. Edibles typically take two to four hours to take effect and last up to several hours after that; so it is normal to feel its effects for some time afterwards. Also remember no one has ever died from cannabis overdose and you aren’t in any immediate danger from an overdose of cannabis either.

When feeling too high from edibles, the best thing you can do is find a calm and safe space where you can relax and ride out its effects. Locate somewhere where you feel safe and secure – perhaps lie down on a couch or bed and turn on some soothing music or movie to help divert attention away from what could otherwise be an overwhelming high.

Drink water and eat something

Edibles can lead to dry mouth, so staying hydrated by sipping water is vital in order to alleviate its side effects and flush some THC out of your system. Water also can help flush away some THC that’s been building up, and may help alleviate some symptoms associated with being too high. Consuming something high in fat like cheese or nuts will absorb some THC for reduced intensity of highs.

Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathing exercises can be an excellent way to soothe nerves and ease anxiety. When feeling high or anxious, panic can arise quickly – and when this occurs it can only compound the experience further. Focusing on each breath taking place through your nose and out through your mouth while taking deep inhalations/exhalation cycles is helpful for relaxing the nervous system and alleviating anxiety.

CBD Can Help Combat THC

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that can help counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC. If you have access to it, take small doses to alleviate some symptoms associated with being too high; CBD has been found to reduce anxiety, decrease blood pressure and mitigate some psychoactive side effects from THC use.

Get some Fresh Air

Venturing outside and taking a walk can help clear your head and ease some of the symptoms associated with being too high. If you feel up for it, go on a short stroll around your block or just sit in the sun for some time – simply getting fresh air can provide much-needed respite from feeling too high while offering you a new perspective and providing much-needed distraction from what might otherwise be a dull routine.

Take a Shower or Bath A warm water shower or bath can help relax muscles, ease symptoms of being too high, calm nerves and decrease anxiety. If possible add Epsom salts or essential oils for added relaxation of both body and mind.

Sleep it Off

When all else fails, sleeping is often the solution. Food and drinks may induce sleepiness; lay down in a quiet, comfortable space and try to rest. Sleep can help restore both body and mind and may help you to feel better when you wake up!

As soon as necessary, seek medical help

Most often, recovering from edibles involves simply waiting it out and taking some simple steps to alleviate symptoms. But in rare instances, too much edible consumption may result in more serious effects like vomiting, rapid heartbeat or hallucinations – so if these persist or you’re uncertain whether too much has been consumed seek medical advice immediately.

While being overexposed to edibles may be unpleasant, it can also be used as an invaluable learning experience. Take some time to reflect upon what happened and figure out why something went amiss – did you consume too much, too quickly, on an empty stomach that made effects more potency? Understanding why something happened will help prevent similar experiences in future.


Recovering from edibles can be an unpleasant and sometimes challenging experience, but it’s essential to remember that it will pass. If you find yourself too high from edibles, find a quiet space, drink water and food and take deep breaths until the effects subside. Try taking CBD as it might reduce some of the side effects from THC or go outside for some fresh air walking before sleeping it off if all else fails. For severe symptoms or uncertainty over consumption seek medical assistance immediately while learning from this experience for future reference. Hope now you know How to recover from edibles.