Santa Catarina Coastline: Discover the Luxury of Vítreo 271 in Meia Praia

Vítreo 271

Located in the stunning city of Itapema, the latest release by ABC Developments, Vítreo 271, stands out not only for its innovative design but also for its harmony with the natural surroundings of the Santa Catarina coastline.

Architecture and Innovation in the Heart of Itapema

Designed by the renowned architect Leo Maia, this development shines in the landscape of the Santa Catarina Coast, combining modernity and sustainability. With spacious floor plans offering panoramic views of the ocean and the city, residents feel constantly connected to nature, even in the urban heart of Itapema.

Comfort and Sophistication in Every Detail

The 32 apartments, spread over 44 floors, symbolize the fusion of luxury and simplicity. With three floor plan options – Type A, Type B, and Duplex – the building features the exclusivity of one apartment per floor, ensuring the privacy and comfort you deserve.

Notably, Type A includes its private balcony pool, providing residents with a personal oasis to relax and enjoy the view.

Strategic Location in Meia Praia

Located in the vibrant center of Meia Praia, Vítreo 271 is strategically positioned at the corner of Nereu Ramos Avenue and 271st Street, just 180 meters from the beach. Besides the convenience of being close to the waterfront, residents benefit from an array of services, from renowned restaurants to high-end stores.

Commitment to Sustainability

In this development, sustainability isn’t just a detail but a central pillar. The building is equipped with solar panels for clean energy generation, rainwater harvesting systems, and selective collection spaces. Furthermore, looking to the future, Vítreo 271 also has charging stations for electric vehicles.

The Right Choice for Living or Investing

The Meia Praia area has shown remarkable growth, establishing itself as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Itapema. With its robust infrastructure, real estate appreciation, and a diverse range of leisure and services options, there’s no doubt that Vítreo 271 is the perfect choice for those seeking quality of life or a promising investment.

ABC Developments: Synonymous with Excellence

With over a decade in the real estate market of Santa Catarina, ABC Developments is known for delivering projects that are true architectural masterpieces. Vítreo 271 by Leo Maia clearly represents this commitment to excellence.

Moreover, according to the FipeZAP index, just in 2023 (from January to July 2023), properties for sale in Itapema appreciated an impressive 12.05% (in seven months).

If you’re looking for the best for your family or a unique investment opportunity, it’s time to get acquainted with Vítreo 271. The Santa Catarina Coast will never be the same!

FAQ: Vítreo 271 in Meia Praia, Itapema

What is Vítreo 271?

Vítreo 271 is the latest release from ABC Developments located in Itapema, standing out for its innovative design and harmony with the natural environment of the Santa Catarina Coast.

Who is the architect behind the project?

Vítreo 271 was conceptualized by the renowned architect Leo Maia.

How many apartments and floors does Vítreo 271 have?

The development features 32 apartments spread over 44 floors.

What are the available floor plan types?

There are three floor plan options: Type A, Type B, and Duplex. Type A is unique in that it has a private balcony pool.

Where exactly is Vítreo 271 located?

It’s located in the center of Meia Praia, at the corner of Nereu Ramos Avenue and 271st Street, just 180 meters from the beach.

Does the development have any sustainable features?

Yes! Vítreo 271 comes with solar panels for clean energy generation, rainwater harvesting systems, spaces for selective collection, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Why should I consider living or investing in Vítreo 271?

The Meia Praia area has been experiencing significant growth and appreciation. Vítreo 271, with its strategic location, modern design, and commitment to sustainability, represents an excellent choice for both living and investment.

Who is ABC Developments?

ABC Developments is a company with over a decade of experience in the Santa Catarina real estate market, known for delivering architecturally excellent projects.

How much did properties in Itapema appreciate in 2023?

According to the FipeZAP index, properties in Itapema appreciated 12.05% in the first seven months of 2023.

How can I personally see Vítreo 271?

If you’re interested, we recommend directly contacting ABC Developments to schedule a visit and experience Vítreo 271 up close.