Draupadi murmu biography in hindi

Draupadi murmu biography in hindi


Draupadi murmu biography in hindi – Draupadi Murmu, an Indian politician and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Since June 19, 2019, she has served in the Rajya Sabha, India’s upper house of Parliament, representing Jharkhand state. Since June 2019 Draupadi Murmu has also served as Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court – dedicating herself to social service, women empowerment and tribal community issues.

Draupadi Murmu was born June 20, 1958 in Gumla District of Jharkhand, India to activist father Beersingh Munda and Kanha Devi as mother and stepmother respectively. While living in such limited conditions was challenging at times, her resilience enabled her to face struggles head on at an early age and eventually inspire her social service endeavors in society.

Draupadi Murmu began her educational journey at a government higher secondary school in Gumla, Jharkhand and later completed a B.Ed degree. Following that she entered teaching before entering politics by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Since 1997 she has remained an active member of BJP.

Tenure as Chief Justice:

Draupadi Murmu was appointed the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court by Chief Minister Raghubar Das in 2015. In this position, she became the first female Chief Justice in Jharkhand and has worked towards judicial reforms while advocating on behalf of poor and marginalized people. Throughout her term she also dealt with various issues while working closely with institutions within the High Court to promote change.

Contributions to Social Service

Draupadi Murmu has made outstanding contributions in social service. Her focus has been women empowerment and the development of tribal communities. She has implemented various schemes for female empowerment within villages – such as education, healthcare services, industrial employment opportunities, housing facilities etc.

Honors and Awards

Draupadi Murmu has been recognized with multiple awards and recognition for her social and political contributions. These include receiving the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards, as well as the National Award for Tribal Women’s Upliftment. Furthermore, Jharkhand government honored her with several other prestigious awards.

Women Empowerment in Indian Politics

Draupadi Murmu stands as an inspiring example of women empowerment, specifically her work to address tribal community concerns and advocate for female upliftment and social transformation. Her life demonstrates this strong dedication.


Draupadi Murmu is an inspiring female politician whose social and political endeavors have captured the hearts and minds of millions around her. Her life exemplifies that an individual can achieve their dreams no matter their circumstances while making significant strides towards social transformation. Her biography serves as an inspirational tale highlighting social justice, women empowerment, and positive social transformation. Hope you liked Draupadi murmu biography in hindi.