How to breed shugabush?

How to breed shugabush?

Introduction to How to breed shugabush

How to breed shugabush? Shugabushes are an exclusive breed of monster that can be found in My Singing Monsters, known for their sweet melodic voices and unique appearance. Breeding Shugabushes is an engaging experience for monster breeders; however, breeding them successfully requires both strategy and patience – we will discuss these steps here in this blog post!

Step 1: Gain Knowledge of Breeding Techniques

Before diving into the specifics of breeding Shugabushes, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of monster breeding. My Singing Monsters allows players to combine two monsters for breeding purposes in an artificial reproductive structure; their offspring will bear characteristics from both parents as well as possess their own special traits and unique features. Unfortunately, this process takes time and its results cannot always be guaranteed.

For successful Shugabus breeding, two specific monsters must serve as parents – the Clamble and Bowgart are ideal candidates; both are relatively common but may take time to obtain.

Step 2: Acquire Required Monsters

As previously stated, two monsters necessary to create a Shugabush are Clamble and Bowgart. If these already exist in your possession, the next step can begin immediately; otherwise, additional steps will need to be taken in order to acquire them.

Clamble can be created by breeding together a Drumpler and Maw, while Bowgart can be made using Noggin and Toe Jammer as parents. You can also purchase these monsters directly from the in-game store by paying either coins or diamonds.

Step 3: Install Monsters into Breeding Structure

Once you have your Clamble and Bowgart monsters, the next step should be placing them into a breeding structure. There are various options available through My Singing Monsters; each with different breeding times and success rates; however, two common breeding structures include Breeding Structure and Epic Breeding Structure.

The Breeding Structure has an approximate breeding time and success rate of 30 seconds to 1 hour with an approximate success rate of around 25%, whereas the Epic Breeding Structure requires 8 to 48 hours and has an expected success rate of 40%; as it offers higher success rates when breeding Shugabushes it should be preferred over its smaller counterpart.

Step 4: Wait For Breeding To Complete

Once your Clamble and Bowgart have been placed within the breeding structure, it is time for the breeding process to conclude. As previously noted, this can take anywhere between 8 to 48 hours; during which time, either continue playing your game as usual or check back periodically to see if the process has completed successfully.

Step 5: Hatch the Egg

Once breeding has taken place, an egg will be produced for you to hatch and identify what monster it has produced. Hatching times vary between 12-24 hours for most eggs; once it hatched you will know exactly which creature has been bred from that egg!

Step 6: Repeat the Process

Congratulations if your egg contains a Shugabush! Congratulations are due, for successfully breeding one of these exotic and rare monsters. If not, no worries: Just repeat the breeding process until it leads to desired results!

Note that breeding Shugabushes is a random process and there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed on the first attempt; but with patience and persistence you may eventually breed one!

Step 7: Care for Your Shugabushes

Once you’ve successfully bred a Shugabush, it’s important to provide proper care. Just like any other monster in My Singing Monsters, Shugabushs have specific needs and preferences; here are a few tips for looking after your Shugabush:

Feed Your Shugabushes Regularly:

Shugabushes need regular feedings in order to remain healthy and happy. As they prefer sweet treats such as candy and cake, ensure there are enough treats available for them.

Put Your Shugabush in its Preferred Environment:

Shugabushes thrive best when placed in cold or air Island environments. Be sure to provide it with a habitat which matches its specific requirements for maximum success.

Decorate its habitat:

Shugabushes thrive when their surroundings are filled with beautiful and ornate decorations. Add some decorative items to its habitat in order to keep it contented and happy.

Keep It Company:

Shugabushes are social creatures and enjoy spending time in groups of other monsters, so ensure your Shugabush has access to another habitat or breed more Shugabushes for companionship.

Level Up Your Shugabush:

Leveling up your Shugabush will increase its stats and strength. Be sure to collect coins and food to level it up!

Breeding Shugabushes can be both challenging and rewarding experience for My Singing Monsters players. By following these steps and taking good care of their Shugabush, they can enjoy its sweet melodic sounds!

Below are a few more tips for breeding Shugabushes:

Use breeding boosters:

Breeding boosters can increase your chances of breeding rare monsters such as Shugabush. You can purchase breeding boosters in-game store using diamonds or receive them as rewards for completing certain tasks.

Use the Right Combination:

When breeding Shugabushs, your choices of monsters can make all the difference in success rates. Use high-level Clamble and Bowgart along with any breeding boosters you have available to increase your odds.

Remain Patient: Breeding Shugabushes can take time and patience, so don’t give up if your first attempt doesn’t produce one; keep trying, and eventually you will succeed!

Utilize Social Media:

My Singing Monsters has an expansive and active community on social media. Here, players can interact and exchange advice about breeding Shugabushes; in some cases you might even find traders willing to trade monsters with you!


Overall, My Singing Monsters makes breeding Shugabushs an engaging and rewarding experience for monster breeders. By following the steps outlined here and providing your Shugabush with good care and attention, you will soon enjoy its sweet melodic sounds and enjoy their exotic presence in your world. Just remember to remain patient, persistent, and creative when devising breeding strategies; soon enough you will succeed at breeding one! Hope now you know How to breed shugabush.